Acupuncture Theory

The driving idea behind acupuncture is that we are already in possession of everything we need to be well and stay healthy.


The Ancient Chinese belief is that health and the maintenance of life is mediated and maintained by an invisible network of energy streams, called ‘The Meridian System’. This also interfaces with the blood supply capillary network and the lymphatics, which irrigate the whole body with vital oxygen and nutrients.


This circulating energetic structure carries the blueprint for our life and the ongoing maintenance of our body. Just like the circuitry on the motherboard of your computer, it carries vital information – informing the body with everything it needs, to self-regulate, self-sustain and maintain good health.


If we look after ourselves, by drinking plenty of fresh water, eating good food, exercising regularly, enjoy the company of good friends, the support of family and loved ones, have a job we believe in, a healthy environment, our finances well managed, a sense of purpose, meaning, creativity and spiritual connection, then our lives will basically follow stress free and our bodies will get busy tending to themselves in a self healing kind of way. We would then be resilient to most stress and to disease and may never even have to see the doctor again!

And this is where acupuncture comes in to help.


The flow of ‘The Meridians’ can be compared to streams or rivers in the Earth, and they need our constant attention to ensure they flow freely and unimpeded, because as rivers can get blocked with mud, so too can the meridians get blocked up by life-style factors, stress or a poor diet. The art of the acupuncturist is to ascertain where these ‘streams’ in the body are blocked and restore a normal function again. In the same way that a computer functions slowly when it is overloaded and blocked with information, so our organ systems and blood supply to the tissues can become sluggish and blocked and soon our body will raise the alarm and produce signs or symptoms of ‘dis-ease’.

Acupuncture is a Clearing Therapy


A carefully placed, ultra fine sterile needle, into specific points on the body is able to stimulate the movement of that energy stream. It flushes, it cleans, it dredges, and it dispels blockages, it improves the circulation of physical blood and lymph as well. On the emotional level, our mind will feel freer as well. We will flow through our life with greater ease and experience less stress.


Regular preventive acupuncture treatments are encouraged, about once a season for a healthy person. Although acupuncture may be used to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of acute and chronic complaints, it is best employed for the function of maintaining a healthy flow of the Meridians, and to prevent illness from happening in the first place. That is why, in Ancient China, doctors were paid when their patients were well, and not when they were sick!


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不通這痛 Bu tong ze tong

Where there is free-flow, there is no pain

痛則不通 Tong zebu tong

Where there is pain, there is no free-flow.

Huang Di Nei Jing – Classic of Chinese Medicine