Like many people I was sceptical about trying acupuncture but Simon has changed that completely. He is a very calming and caring person and knowledgeable acupuncturist who genuinely wants to help, by listening and supporting you.

Sandra Smith, Crawley


I cannot believe how a bit of massage and a few acupuncture needles can transform my mangled shoulder into a pain-free afternoon. God Bless Simon Casciano – and the best bit is the Chopin he plays on the piano in his Forest Row consulting room while you lie there healing. It’s worth faking an ailment to go there just for that!

Suzy Miller, Forest Row


I have known Mr Casciano since 2006 when I became his client. Over the years I have been able to recognize that he is a genuine health practitioner who treats patients with excellent care. Patient’s wellbeing is his only priority.

Bart Sporyszkiewicz, East Grinstead


With a long history of migraines and back pain for which I’d seen every conceivable doctor for, I tried Simon for acupuncture and his sincere, gentle questioning and guidance helped me to realise how my stress played a major role in my pain. With regular acupuncture, plus an online self-help course, plus Simon‘s support, I got myself off all steroid injections and drugs, resumed all physical activity and felt back in control of my life and so much better.

Gaby Scholes, East Grinstead