Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture is an ancient Oriental medical science which stimulates the body’s own natural self-healing mechanisms to generate better overall health and overcome disease. It is a sophisticated and holistic medicine, which is part of the mainstream medical system in China and much of the Far East, and has been for thousands of years.


Acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular and widespread in the UK too, as a non-medicating route to resolving pain and many other modern day health complaints. Oriental Acupuncture practitioners, recognized by the British Acupuncture Council, undergo an extensive 4 year BSc Hons training, which includes comprehensive study of western medicine (biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology) as well as Classical Oriental medicine, science and philosophy.

In mindbody acupuncture – a traditional acupuncture approach is combined with cutting-edge medical research, into how our emotional health and wellbeing may be impacting on our ability to stay physically robust and free of pain or illness. This aims to address a current ‘blind spot’ in mainstream medicine, which does not work with the concept of stress-induced symptoms, but rather operates on the premise that if it cannot be measured (by a test, scan or screen), it doesn’t exist. One would do very well, in fact, to combine both medical approaches, the Oriental holistic and the Western biomedical, in order to experience the best benefits for you and the best results for your health.


Common treatable physical conditions, that have been strongly linked to the adverse effects of stress and unresolved emotions, can be found on the Stress Illness page.

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"Health is more than the absence of disease. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being."

World Health Organisation definition of the word ‘health’